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A while back I decided to challenge myself with a type of project I’d never done before. A custom made Nightmare Before Christmas wreath that was reversible (Halloween on one side and Christmas on the other) with light up components.

After some research, I decided to do it primarily with papier-mâché, made without flour. (I used this recipe.)

With the movie on loop in the background for inspiration, I got to work. I wrapped the wreath form in masking tape then layered on the papier-mâché, slowly building up the layers and textures for the scenery.

One of the biggest challenges with this completely new medium was trying to figure out how to create the forms. I found making molds using tin foil and wire then coating the molds in papier-mâché was the most effective option.

For Zero, the moon, and the ghosts, I used cheese cloth and carefully painted them with Elmer’s glue diluted in water. I was able to layer the cheese cloth and form the shapes.

Jack and Sally were their own challenges. I wanted them to have more detail than I was finding papier-mâché could provide. I found a clay to use and tried my absolute best to make them.

I was able to paint everything using my Liquitex Basics acrylic paints. I found dry brushing was amazing to help make the textures really pop.

I had found some inexpensive LED lights and wired up the moon, pumpkins, christmas tree, and Zero with them.

After some final touches (so much glitter for Christmas side), the project was done!

It was such a fun project. I think when I get more free time, I would absolutely love to do another one.

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